Focus Areas

Focus Areas
I believe that every person is an expert on his or her own wellness. I view my role as a therapist is to empower people to tap into their expertise and manifest it into their reality. I use my relationship with my client as a channel of guidance to help heal old wounds, gain clarity, and to empower change.
In other words, I help you to declutter and find your truth so that you can take steps toward living it. I work with clients who are motivated to commit to their own empowerment, and who are prepared to do the work of implementing change and taking steps forward. I specialize in treating the following issues:
  • Relationship & Marriage
  • Divorce & Ending Relationship
  • Sexual Orientation & Identity
  • Coming Out
  • Sexual Abuse & Trauma
  • Intimacy & Sensuality
  • Trust & Communication
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Partner Trauma
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